Geometry Notebook Unit Dividers and SBG Score Sheets

Following on from planning units for Geometry, I've created SGB score sheets for students that also act as dividers between units for their notebooks.

all dividers

If this idea seems familiar, that's because I've totally stolen it from my wife. I feel like that's justified, though, because she's already asked me to send her the template so she can use it herself this year. I've seen some of Sarah's students' notebooks that use these, and can attest that they work really well.

one divider That's Euclid, in case you were wondering.

They work by folding the sheet of paper along the middle of the narrow rectangle, then gluing the sheet around one page of a notebook so that the unit name sticks out the side of the book.

You can find my files here, including a blank template:

You'll need Microsoft Publisher to edit the original files. I used the fonts Righteous and Open Sans. All images are from ClipArt ETC.


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