Inequality Symbols Posters

Okay, before I go any further, I feel I should clarify: I have not just been working on posters for the last week, despite them completely taking over my blog. I have been working on lesson ideas, too. I just want actually try them out in class, so I can reflect on how they went, before they make it to the blog.

Anyway, for today, another poster set: Inequality Symbols!

I guess equals is there too. But I thought "Inequality Symbols (and equals is there too)" wasn't a very succinct title, so there you go.

I was very tempted to redo these bigger, with a single symbol to a page. If you think that would look better, you have my blessing to change it. :)

The prime numbers next to it are courtesy of my wife. In this case, I didn't even need to print and laminate them myself. Sarah came into my room with an extra set she made for a reason she can't remember. They're designed to be one long column, but I thought I'd better at least contribute a little creativity to them in my room.

As always, downloads are PDF and the original editable format. Font is Marvel.


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