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My name is Shaun Carter, and I'm a high school math teacher. I taught for six years in a small P-12 school in Kaniva, Victoria, Australia. I started this blog in 2014, after I discovered an amazing online community of mathematics teachers, the MTBoS. What I didn't expect was that it would lead to me meeting a very special teacher named Sarah.

Fast forward to now, I live in Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. After spending the last 6 months moving to the other side of the planet, getting married to the most amazing person in the world, looking for work and doing all the paperwork to be allowed to teach here, I'm about to start my teaching career again.

This year, it'll be Algebra 2 and Geometry. I'll be half of the math department at Drumright High School, where I'll be joining my wife. (So I guess the term "other half" takes on a whole extra meaning for us.) Aside from, well, everything that is new to me this year, there are some big changes for us. Oklahoma is introducing new math standards, and with it a new testing regime. And Drumright HS is moving from the building it's been in since 1919, to share the middle school building.

This blog is about being a better teacher. I'm better when I reflect. I'm better when I'm talking with other math teachers. I'm better when I can take great ideas from other teachers. I'm better when others comment on my ideas.

So if you're reading this, thanks for helping me be a better teacher.

BTW, this isn't my only blog. Dropping the S (get it? Don't worry if you don't...) is about my experiences moving to America.


Shaun used to be maths, IT and ocassional physics teacher at a small P-12 school (primary and secondary) in rural Victoria, Australia. He is currently in the process of starting his career again in the United States.

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