area and volume

Making a box

Problem I gave to Year 9 a few weeks back: Imagine taking an A4 sheet of paper, and cutting the corners out so it folds into a box. What is the maximum volume possible? Or how I actually presented the problem: I'm sure that any non-metric types could easily adapt…

Volumes of pyramids

One of the most exciting things in maths is realising a connection you didn't see earlier. Hopefully this experience is what we're giving students all the time, but as teachers we get it too. And sometimes, the connection seems so obvious (to someone with a maths degree), that's it's a…

Area of a Sector

(Quick confession: this was actually weeks ago. I'm not sure why it took me this long to get around to blogging it.) Why do textbooks bother trying to explain concepts before each exercise? The kids don't read it, I don't refer to it. And the explanations take all the fun…

Areas of shapes mini-posters

In my Year 9 textbook, the start of the chapter on area and volume starts with a "review" of areas from past years. And by that, I mean it says something along the line of "you should remember these formulas from Year 8," then proceeds to list the formulas for…


Shaun used to be maths, IT and ocassional physics teacher at a small P-12 school (primary and secondary) in rural Victoria, Australia. He is currently in the process of starting his career again in the United States.

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