Making a box

Problem I gave to Year 9 a few weeks back: Imagine taking an A4 sheet of paper, and cutting the corners out so it folds into a box. What is the maximum volume possible? Or how I actually presented the problem: I'm sure that any non-metric types could easily adapt…

Football scores problem solution

The other day I posted this problem that one of my students discovered. We played around with it for a while and came up with this solution. I don't know if this is the easiest or most elegant solution, but it's what I have. Quick recap, we're trying to solve…

Pythagoras Problem Solving Redux

Year 9 and I are working through Pythagoras' Theorem at the moment. After a little shuffling of units around, this is a little earlier than last year. An interesting consequence of this is that this is the first unit I've taught that I've blogged about previously. Getting to go back…

Parabola Transformations

Second last week of the year, and my Year Nines have a serious case of the I-don't-cares. End-of-year activities next week and the fact their reports were written last week have given them the idea that they don't really need to work this week. Unfortunately for them, I see this…

Kicking goals using technology

So I ended my last post with the words "I'm excited to see where we end up on Monday". And now it's been a month since I actually taught that lesson, and I haven't blogged since then. Oops. Let's see how I go remembering what we did... Quick recap (though…

Area of a Sector

(Quick confession: this was actually weeks ago. I'm not sure why it took me this long to get around to blogging it.) Why do textbooks bother trying to explain concepts before each exercise? The kids don't read it, I don't refer to it. And the explanations take all the fun…


Shaun used to be maths, IT and ocassional physics teacher at a small P-12 school (primary and secondary) in rural Victoria, Australia. He is currently in the process of starting his career again in the United States.

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