Solving Linear and Absolute Value Equations INB Pages

This is the second skill for Algebra 2, which is pretty much what it says in the title. At this point, we're almost ready to start talking about functions, but I wanted to "review" a few things about solving equations first. Which brings us to these pages. Except, lets just…

Building Equations... Again

I'm teaching again! There's so much that I can share about the start of my new job, but for now I just really want to blog about lesson ideas. So let's do that. In Geometry we're going through our introductory review unit. I wanted to see what my students' algebraic…

Football scores problem solution

The other day I posted this problem that one of my students discovered. We played around with it for a while and came up with this solution. I don't know if this is the easiest or most elegant solution, but it's what I have. Quick recap, we're trying to solve…

Football scores problem

As a maths teacher, one of my aims is to get students to think about the world mathematically. So there aren't many things more exciting than having a student come to me with a problem they noticed and are trying to solve themselves. Just for the fun of it. This…

Un-building equations

The other day I wrote a post about having students build their own equations. I decided to use this idea as a starting point for solving equations by backtracking. The class has already solved equations in a number of ways, and even used flow charts to solve them with backtracking.…

Building equations

Year 7 are currently working on solving equations with pronumerals for the first time. Specifically, we're using backtracking to solve multi-step linear equations. This year, I realised there's a problem with getting students to understand backtracking. Before I can expect students to work backwards through steps to solve an equation,…


Shaun used to be maths, IT and ocassional physics teacher at a small P-12 school (primary and secondary) in rural Victoria, Australia. He is currently in the process of starting his career again in the United States.

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