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Student Feedback - The Less Serious Ones

I've been doing student feedback reflections recently. As much as I stressed to students to take this seriously, I was always going to get a bunch of silly suggestions. So, without comment, here are some of them. Give us stuff. Mostly food. Mr carter should start bringing us food so…

Busy times

This one isn't going to be mathsy. Sorry. Just thought I'd share a little bit of what's been happening with me lately. I really won't be offended if you tune out now :) My twitter description currently reads: Secondary maths teacher. Church musician. Hockey coach. Suspected human being. Obviously, this blog…

Exam pressure

In theory last night's #OzMathsChat was about Inquiry Based Learning, but we got sidetracked pretty quickly. Oh well, I'm sure we'll come back to it sometime :) Someone mentioned the difficulty in using inquiry in Year 12 classes because of the pressure to get through everything before the exams. The conversation…

$15 Graphics Calculator Unboxing

So I was in Kmart the other day, and saw this calculator on sale for $15: Wow! I thought. Can you really get a quality graphics calculator for $15? Okay, not really. But I still bought it anyway, for a reason even worse than gullibility: pure curiosity. Surely this is…

Random grab bag

Here's a few things I've been meaning to share, but I can't really justify a post for each of them. So here we go, in no particular order: My little sister has a job! After finishing training to become a primary teacher last year, my sister just got her first…

Girls in maths

I've been trying to write this post for a while. I had a student ask me a question one day that's been troubling me ever since. I've put off writing about it until I could come up with an answer I'd be satisfied with, but as that hasn't happened yet,…

Blogging in 3, 2, 1...

OK then. This is the start of my blog. Not the most exciting start. I guess I should introduce myself... Hi. I'm Shaun, a maths teacher from Australia, rural Victoria to be more precise. I've been teaching for four and not-quite-a-half years, at a small P-12 school (combined primary and…


Shaun used to be maths, IT and ocassional physics teacher at a small P-12 school (primary and secondary) in rural Victoria, Australia. He is currently in the process of starting his career again in the United States.

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